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From People Magazine

By Stephen M. Silverman and Mary Green

The 33 Chilean miners who were trapped below ground for two and a half months until their dramatic rescue last month may get their story told on the big screen – with the help of Brad Pitt.

The actor’s production company, Plan B, “has expressed potential interest in the story,” says company representative, Jon Liebman, CEO of Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

“Like so many people worldwide, Plan B has been incredibly moved by the story of the Chilean miners and their families,” says Liebman.

A lawyer for the miners, Edgardo Reinos Lundstedt, tells the Santiago, Chile, daily El Mercurio that Plan B made an offer in the millions.

But Liebman tells PEOPLE, “There have not yet been serious discussions.”

Among Plan B’s other movies have been A Mighty Heart, with Angelina Jolie; The Time Traveler’s Wife, with Eric Bana; Eat Pray Love, with Julia Roberts; and Kick-Ass.



Life Underground

In August 5, 2010 in the Chilean Atacama Dessert, 33 miners were trapped underground when part of San Jose mine collapsed.

Ofter 17 days the rescue teams found alive all the miners. They are 700m (2,300ft) below the surface, and they attached a note saying: “All 33 of us are well inside the shelter.”

The Chilean head of the operations rescue said that probably will take 3 or fourth months to rescue all the trapped miners. The Chilean governments are hopeful to finish the rescue before Christmas