The story of the trapped miners in Chile generated attention around the world. For some companies this story was a marketing opportunity, having the attention of millions of people without investing in advertising.

During the rescue we saw all the miners coming out of the mine with black glasses and many of them still wore the pretty stylish $400 Oakley sunglasses they were given to protect their eyes in the way out of the mine.

Steve Jobs sent a personal gift to the group. Each man is  getting a new Ipod courtesy of Apple. The Apple´s Chile office was personally involved in deliver the gifts to the miners.

The Halloween holyday past, but costume sellers didn’t lose the opportunity to sell the cooler outfit.  The Chilean miner costume was one of the last minute Halloween costume idea circulated in the internet.

The next Christmas, the miners will receive a present from a Bosnian shoe factory. The shoes are made of goat skin.