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Rescued Chilean miner shows ’yes you can’ in NYC Marathon.

AFP November 7, 2010 3:57 PM

NEW YORK, (AFP) – Proving his point that “yes, you can,” Chilean miner Edison Pena ran the New York City Marathon Sunday, just weeks after emerging relatively unscathed from two months’ captivity underground with 32 fellow miners.

Pena, one of 43,000 participants in the 26-mile (42 kilometer) foot race, was feted as a hero here as one of the running world’s most celebrated events got under way.

“I want to show that it can be done,” Pena told reporters on the eve of the fabled event.

Pena, 34, battled a knee injury and some pain but finished in 5 hours and 40 minutes a bit under the six hours he said he expected. In his dark glasses, wearing a knee support due to an injury in the mine, and carrying a Chilean flag, Pena crossed yet another daunting finish line.

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