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Miners demanding compensation.

Relatives of miners demanding compensation. What do you think is fair or not?


Miner’s latest news:

The 33 trapped miners would be rescue in two more weeks said the chief of the rescue operation.

Plan B has reached 232 meters (761.154 feet) and rescue teams are working in widening the hole.

More than 50 specialists from around the world are working together in the rescue operations.

The last Saturday, September 18, Chile celebrated the bicentennial of its independence. From the depth of a mine 33 miners celebrated too, some of them dressed in red, sang the national hymn. In the context of the celebrations the national Chilean TV broadcasted a video message sent by the miners to the Chilean people.

Sebastian Piñera, the Chilean president, accompanied by Isabel Allende, a Chilean famous writer, visited the San Jose mine to celebrated Chile’s bicentennial of independence with the miners. Isabell sent hope from the entire world to the miner’s family and expressed gratitude to the people who everyday work hard to rescue the trapped miners.

The rescue plans: tree different machines works at the same time.

Plan A advance at normal speed and reached 333 meters (1.092 feet).  This plan is in the first stage.

Plan B just began, and the authorities are expecting it would advance from 1.5 to 2 meters per day (6.5 feet).

Plan C, has reached 23 meters deep (75 feet), and they are working in a 66 centimeters diameter hole.

Life Underground

In August 5, 2010 in the Chilean Atacama Dessert, 33 miners were trapped underground when part of San Jose mine collapsed.

Ofter 17 days the rescue teams found alive all the miners. They are 700m (2,300ft) below the surface, and they attached a note saying: “All 33 of us are well inside the shelter.”

The Chilean head of the operations rescue said that probably will take 3 or fourth months to rescue all the trapped miners. The Chilean governments are hopeful to finish the rescue before Christmas